DTG or Screen Printing?... Here's What You Need To Know

DTG or Screen Printing?... Here's What You Need To Know

A GJun 27, '19

DTG Printing 

  • DTG printing can only be done on cotton rich materials. It's perfect for your classic cotton T-shirts and Singlets. 
  • DTG is great for one-off designs and prints 
  • AS Colour tees are best for DTG printing because of their premium quality. Check them out here
  • DTG is great for designs with a lot of colour gradient and intricate details.
  • We use eco friendly, water-based textile inks.
  • There are NO Set-Up Fees! 
  • All we need from you is a hi-resolution file of your design or logo 
  • Turnaround time is 2-5 business days



Screen Printing

  • Screen Printing is great for large quantities, and designs or logos that you're likely to print again. So it's Ideal for printing your company uniforms. 
  • We can screen print on most materials. 
  • If you prefer a dry fit breathable polyester then screen printing is your answer
  • This print option is done by hand by a highly skilled screen printer who mixes all the colours to get it exactly right
  • Colours are vibrant and bold
  • Each colour inyour logo needs a separate screen, so the more colours you have, the more expensive the print becomes
  • There is a set up fee of $45 per screen 
  • Once we have your logo set up, we keep your artwork on file 
  • It's only $20 to reset each screen when you're ready to order again 
  • All we need form you is a Hi-Resolution / vector file of your logo or design 
  • Turnaround time is 7-10 business days